For parents, keeping their child focused on their studies might not come easy. Here are some tips to help keep your kid focus on their schoolwork.

For parents, getting their children to focus on their studies is one of the most challenging parts of their life. We all know that education plays a huge influence in molding a child’s character and preparing him for success.

Though given the nature of children, it is quite a task to get their attention and keep it focused on one thing. If you are experiencing struggles in keeping your kids focused on their studies, here are a few things that you should know. It is okay to feel discouraged, but do not let this get in the way of helping your child make the most out of their studying venture.

Tips For Parents: How To Keep A Child Focused On Their Studies

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Why does a child lose concentration?

Each child is unique; hence, their lack of concentration may be caused by unique factors too. Here is a couple of reason why your child is finding it hard to concentrate and focus in school.

  • Undeveloped Habits
    When your child starts school or enters a new phase of learning, they may feel as if they are in an unfamiliar environment. In this case, it would help to come up with a routine that will develop good studying habits that they can get used to.
  • Inadequate Briefing
    Whatever topic or material you present your child, it is essential that they understand the concept of why they have to learn it and what it is about. Not being able to grasp the reason and benefit of it may make them lose their interest.
  • Distractions
    In this day and age, there are numerous things that can have your child distracted. It can be gadgets, computers, books, or anything as basic as a noisy environment or a cluttered study area. It is important to filter these out and eliminate them for the time being to help them concentrate on one thing.
  • Loss of Motivation
    Children are fired up by a lot of things. If they do not see the interest in something, they may end up brushing off any condition that is related to it. It is important that you help them find the motivation to study.
  • Unconditioned Mind and Body
    Just like any other adult, kids need to be properly nourished and rested to be able to do something. Their diet, eating habits, and sleep quality can affect their performance and daily living. If their minds and bodies are unfit and unhealthy, the consequences may be their inability to focus, concentrate, and do well in school.

How can I help my child to focus?

Your child needs all the help they can get to do well in everything they do. You can help improve their focus by initiating the development of good habits. Try to help them create a routine that is geared towards more productive activities and are free of possible distractions.

You can also find ways to determine the most effective learning style for them and find avenues of learning that utilizes it. And most importantly, you have to make sure they are well-fed, well-rested, and rewarded for all the good they are doing.

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Tips for Parents To Their Child Focused On Studies

1. Stay away from multi-tasking

Your child is yet to discover how it is to multi-task. Given their being relatively new to handling tasks on their own, it is important that you start slow. Do one thing at a time to teach them how to focus on one thing.

This will let them put their mind and energy into the task at hand and will serve as excellent practice and foundation to them finding out how to do more tasks on their own in the future.

2. Set goals

Start them young especially when it comes to setting goals. No matter how simple or trivial it is, make sure that they list down everything that they want to do and everything that needs to be done.

Make big and small goals, breakdown their tasks, and make each one a milestone. Once these are clear, they will know what to go after. This will add to their motivation and their focus will be as clear as their visions too.

3. Create an appropriate environment

If you want your child to truly focus on studying, make sure to create an environment that will let them. You should be able to have a space that is free of clutter, noise, and distractions. In this way, you eliminate the chances of them being distracted with something while they are studying.

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4. Teach them how to organize

Children are like clean slates because whatever you teach them will be their foundation. Teach them how to organize their workspace. Teach them how to organize their books, folders, and notes according to how they are going to use it for their study. From there, you can go on to teach them how to organize their agenda by themselves.

5. Give them proper advice

You cannot be with your child 24/7 or in every studying session they will have. What you can do is teach them how to deal with things on their own.

A good example would be to give them appropriate advice on how to deal with roadblocks or distractions that may come their way as they study. Provide concrete ways on how they can overcome or do a workaround on a problem or distraction that may arise in time.

6. Take care of them

A child who is well-fed and well-rested is more capable of grasping and digesting whatever comes their way. Make sure they get enough rest and sleep along with well-timed meals that are nutrient and vitamin-filled.

Your kids need your guidance and supervision while they are young. It is important to guide them properly especially in the aspect of their studies. Having struggles and difficulties is inevitable, but all these can be overcome by following one or more of the tips mentioned earlier. Start them today and see your child’s focus improve.


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