Time to return to class and get your bookbag ready to go back to your studies. Here on tips on how to organize your backpack for school.

Your school backpack is the most direct link you have between home and school. Keeping it organized, however, is a challenge for many students, especially those who’re used to stuffing whatever paper they have into their backpack without care.

If you’re new to packing a bag, or you’re just normally disorderly about it, then these useful tips will help ease the process. A well-organized backpack helps to find things easier and makes recalling things easier.

Oh, and one more thing–a school backpack should be cleaned out and resorted regularly. Doing so will ensure that you’re not carrying some spoiled milk cartons or fruits in your back. You don’t want your classmates to catch the smell of your backpack if that’s the case. Talk about embarrassing huh? And so, let’s take a look at the eight useful tips to follow in organizing your school bag.

Tips to Organize Your Backpack For School

choosing a backpack

1. Get a proper backpack

Finding the right backpack marks the start of organizing your backpack. It’s important to consider the factors you’re looking for in a bag.

For instance, do you want one that has lots of compartments? Do you need zipper enclosures or magnetic closures?

You will also want to pick a sturdy backpack that will last you for a while. If you’re the type to like and do things simply, then you may want to consider Velcro and lesser pockets.

The lesser divisions you have, the less recalling you’ll need when locating your things. Check the comfort level too since you’ll be putting it on your back.

2. Start with a clean slate

For those who want to use their current backpack, that’s perfectly okay too. Just take everything out and open the bag wide. Make sure to check every compartment.

And chances are, your bag has been collecting crumbs, scraps, and bits of lint, too, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve had a bag clean up. Anyway, simply tip it over the trashcan and shake it to empty the bag.

organizing your backpack

3. Sort all the things you’ve taken out

Next, sort everything you’ve got from your bag into three categories. The first pile is for school supplies like pens, pencils, glue, erasers, scissors, etc.

Next, pile your school paper materials including notebooks, textbooks, folders, and binders. And lastly, group the miscellaneous items that you will need in school.

If there’s other stuff left unsorted, you either put them away at home or throw them in the trash. If you use your laptop at school, put it in the same pile as your notebooks.

4. Compartmentalize

When arranging your school supplies, consider the number of compartments available. You can put your pens, pencils, and highlighters in one place.

Some bags have space dedicated to pens and cell phones so you can use those slots accordingly. If you don’t have a place for your writing supplies, get a pencil bag so you can put all your supplies on that bag then place that pencil bag in your backpack.

You may also need another compartment for seasonal things like scarf, mittens, and gym clothes. For non-school things that you may need like lotion, lip balm, or sanitizer, keep them in small containers so they’re easy to pack and won’t take up much space.

Get used to doing the different parts of your backpack that contain the same items. This way, you will know instantly where to reach, even without looking.

how to organize your backpack

5. Group your school materials by subject

Pile up all your Science materials including books, notebooks, and binders, and do the same for your other subjects. For any loose papers, sort them as well in the right folder or you could put them away in the binder too.

Color coding can also help you easily distinguish each material. For instance, assign the color blue for English and green for Science. When stacking your binders, make sure that their spines are away from each other so it won’t take that much space.

6. Keep all papers in folders

Folders are essential if you want to be extra organized and neat with your school materials and supplies. You can use them to store and sort your assignments, homework papers, important notices, and just virtually anything important for your studies.

If possible, have three different folders. First is for your school stuff, another one for your assignment or test grades, then the third folder for your old drafts.

backpack organization

7. Pack only the things you need

If you don’t mind carrying a heavy bag with all your things inside it, then be my guest. But if you want to lessen the weight of your bag, then don’t pack everything.

Before going to school, whether in the morning or evening, check your bag and take out anything you won’t need in school for that day or the next day. Just make sure that you’ve left everything you need in your backpack.

You don’t want to leave behind your papers that needed to be submitted that day. You can also put away the stuff you don’t need yet in your locker for easier access.

The same rule applies to your school supplies. If you have an art class twice a week, then carry your art supplies only on those days.

8. Pencil in a regular schedule to check your bag

Getting organized is great, but maintaining this behavior may prove to be hard for some. To keep your backpack from getting disorderly, set a time to check your backpack regularly.

During that time, get rid of any crumbs and clutters. You can do this every two weeks, every Saturday or Sunday night, or monthly. At the very least, it should be cleaned out once a semester.

Organizing your school bag may seem trivial on the surface. However, if you carefully consider, doing so will save you lots of stress and time from wading through your bag filled with scraps, old papers, and candy wrappers to find your pen or eraser. More importantly, this will help you train yourself to be more organized in the future, something that will come very much in handy later in your life.



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