Trying to find organization tips for high school students? Here are some ways to help parents and their high school kids to be more organized in school.

Being a teenager can already be hard, let alone having to deal with whatever comes from being a high school student. Having good academic performance is important if you want better opportunities.

And by better opportunities, we mean better chances of getting accepted at good colleges and getting scholarships. One of the key skills that you should work on (if you haven’t already) is your organization skills.

Parents also play a significant role in helping their children succeed in school. With the right guidance and a strong support system, students can easily bloom under their parent’s care, helping them succeed in school, and ultimately, in life. Below are tips to be more organized in the school for both students and parents.

Tips on How To Be More Organized In High School (For Students And Parents)

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Organization Tips For High School Students

1. Arrange your bag a night before

Before the semester starts, make sure your backpack is organized with these tips. Make time before you go to bed to pack everything you need for the following day’s classes. To make sure you’ve got everything covered, go over every subject so you won’t miss a thing.

Don’t cram and prepare your things at the last minute. Doing so will tire you out and give it more chance for you to forget something important for school.

2. Get a student planner

A planner will help you keep track of your assignments and school projects. Some schools give out student planners. If not, then any will do so long as you have enough space to write your assignments every day and for every subject.

This will help you map out your time and determine which papers are due soon, so you won’t have to do them at the last minute. You can also use your student planner to organize your calendar to know which days you should allocate for working on school tasks.

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3. Keep your study space clean

Many students find it impossible to work in an unorganized study area, as this hinders them from concentrating. Moreover, when there are too many things in your study space, it will distract you from the task at hand. Thus, carve a few minutes out of your time to clean and organize your study space.

4. Set reminders on your phone

There’s hardly any teenager these days that doesn’t have a cellphone. Since you and your phone are basically attached to the hip, you might as well put your mobile phone to better use. Install a reminder app if your phone doesn’t have one to keep you reminded of the things that need to be completed.

Your phone can act as your temporary planner, in case you forgot to bring your student planner. Plus, you can also use it for small reminders that aren’t written on your planner.

5. Spare time to study daily

Another way to be more organized with your high school life is to have an effective study schedule. This entails making a little time for school work every day.

These bits of time can be easily found in your schedule every day, so don’t think of getting out of this! Besides, studying in small chunks enhances your recall, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

5 Tips To Get Your Teenager To More Organized In High School For Parents

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1. Plan their week with them

Teens have their fair share of grumpy days. In fact, it’s common for them to sulk right after school. You’ve likely seen them locked up for days in their room without saying much.

Set a weekly meeting with them so you can be updated on their school progress. You can do it on Sunday evenings, as this day of the week is usually reserved for family time. Have your child bring their planner and work your way each day. Review both school-related activities and their social calendar as well.

2. Establish expectations and consequences

Since you’ve been with your teen for all their lives, you should already have a clear understanding of their capabilities. Communicate to them what you expect from them in their academic performance.

Let them know the consequences as well if such expectations aren’t met. These consequences could be banning cellphones, prohibiting them from any social event, or taking away their gaming privileges.

One of the greatest lessons you can teach them is to be responsible for their decisions and that some decisions can result in consequences.

3. Encourage to stop procrastinating

Procrastination is common among teens. As a parent, you should talk them out into this bad habit. However, do this at the right time.

Don’t try to talk to them when they’re in the middle of procrastinating, as this may cause tempers to flare. When the situation is better, sit with them and explain the downsides of procrastination.

Help them come up with an action plan on what to do if they have the urge to do things last-minute. You can also enroll them in skill classes that will teach them to study effectively and efficiently.

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4. Create a household schedule

Establish a regular weeknight routine for dinnertime and bedtime. Then make sure to stick with it so your teen can fall into this pattern at home. When a person is well-rested, it helps them perform better in school. Limiting their screen time during weekdays can also help.

5.Have a master calendar

Track your family’s schedules and commitments as well as a day off from school and school major events. Place this huge calendar somewhere everyone can easily see. Make sure to mark the dates when your child has big exams or major projects due.

Doing so helps every household member keep track of each other’s schedule. So, if you forgot to check up on your teen’s, say, exam result, someone in your household can do it or remind you about it.

Learning to be more organized in school is best done with the effort of the student and their parents’ encouragement and monitoring. Hopefully, with those tips, you can learn to be more organized. And as for the parents, be a role model to your child. This is the most effective way of helping them.


Tips To Be More Organized In High School (For Students and Parents), Organization tips for high schoolers

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