Trying to study in the morning for your finals or tests? Here are tips on how to be productive studying in the morning.

No matter what level or phase in life you are in, studying proves to be an important part of life. This is because the moment we stop learning, our growth stops with it too.

If you are a student who wants to get the best results in class or in your examinations, you have to develop good studying habits. If you are someone who is an early bird and who has a lot of time to spare in the morning for studying, then you can use these tips to maximize the time you have for it.

11 Tips on How to Be Productive Studying In the Morning

If you have been having trouble studying in the morning, then there may be a need for improvement. There may be habits that you need to get rid off or improve on. If you do not know where to start, here are some things that you can do.

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1. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important. This is a phase where our body recharges and renews energy for the next day. If you are to study in the morning, you have to go to bed at night early. This is to make sure you get more than 5 to 8 hours of sleep as recommended.

2. Set a Schedule

Setting a specific time for sleeping and waking up is important if you want to follow through your schedule. Scheduling your sleeping time helps you develop better sleep hygiene. It will get easier as you do it over time. The same goes for waking up in the morning.

3. Meditate

Spare some minutes to calm and set your mind to whatever it is you have to do in a day. Maintain a positive attitude and have a proactive mindset. Set your mind to positive thoughts and condition it for studying. Clear it from any unnecessary negativity.

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4. Stretch and Hydrate

If you are someone who is not prone to engaging in exercises in a day, you can start by doing some stretches and other activities that will keep your blood pumping. Apart from that, make sure to hydrate yourself with enough water. This will keep your organs functioning at their best and will give you a clear mind for your study.

5. Eat a Hearty Meal

Nobody can function optimally without eating a good meal. If you want to truly get the most out of your studying session during mornings, you should make sure to eat a nutrient packed meal.

Avoid eating too much as this can make you feel drowsy while studying. On the other hand, avoid eating too little because this can leave you feeling weak and lethargic.

6. Monitor Your Caffeine

A little caffeine might help energize you, but you don’t want to overdo it. Too much caffeine through coffee, tea, soda, or energy drinks might make you a little too jittery on edge. Try to limit it to one and consume it slowly while drinking some water alongside it.

7. Change of Clothes

As comfortable as your pajamas may be, some people might operate better when they change out of their nighty-nights. If you’re one of these people, try changing your outfit into your day clothes.

This might be a visual or physical to start your day right. You still want to be comfortable maybe just not as comfortable as your sleep clothes.

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8. Set Your Goals

In the morning, you may be tempted to just go do everything in your to-do list. While this is common and completely possible, it is definitely more productive to do some goal-setting in the morning first before starting your day. Knowing what needs to be accomplished and prioritizing them one by one can help you finish and accomplish them efficiently.

9. Create a Space for Study

After preparing yourself physically and mentally for the study time that you are to have in the morning, it is equally important to set a specific space to do it in. Make sure that you set a table and a chair that will put you in a comfortable position.

Get rid of unnecessary clutters that may get in your way. Prepare things that you might need while you study and put them within arms reach for an easier time.

10. Eliminate Distractions

Whether you are aware of it or not, there are a lot of things that may distract you while you study. If you are using your computer for study, having unnecessary tabs and pages open can distract you. If you are on your phone, make sure to put it in airplane mode or try to mute notifications until you are done with your study time.

11. Get Enough Sunshine

When studying in the morning, it is important to expose yourself with a lot of sunshine. This is because light stimulates hormones that are responsible to keep you awake and alert. Studying in the morning with a healthy dose of sunshine can keep you healthier and functioning better.

Studying in the morning is not as easy as you think. A lot of people fail in keeping up with their studies in the morning because of the urge to sleep more. Those who do not get up in the right mood and circumstance usually end up being distracted and irritable throughout the entire day. Hence, these tips are proven to help greatly in making sure you are in the right condition to study in the morning. Through these tips, you can get more promising and better results in your study.


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