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15 Best Note-Taking Strategies When Watching Videos

note taking tips while watching video

When watching videos, you should still take notes as part of your studying plan. Here are some effective note-taking strategies for video instruction. In today’s digital age, video instruction has become a prominent method of learning. Whether you’re enrolled in online courses or simply looking to expand your knowledge, video lectures offer a convenient and […] Read more…

12 Signs You Should Be Taking Notes In Class

clues to know when to take notes In Class

Wondering when it’s time to start taking notes in class? Here are some hints to look out for so you can start note-taking on important concepts. Note-taking typically occurs during various situations to help students capture important information and aid in their learning process. Knowing when to take notes in class is crucial for effective […] Read more…

7 Tips On How To Take Better Notes During Online Class

take note during online class

Improve your focus and learning for your online school. Here are some tips on how to take better notes during your online class. Based on research, taking notes enhances your reading comprehension while also increasing information retention. That’s because it’s an active form of learning that every student should use, even for those who are […] Read more…