There are some clever ways to earn money while you are studying in school. Here are 15 creative ways for students can make money on the side.

Most people have grown up with parents who provide them with everything they need, saving them the trouble of worrying about earning money. In the real world, this may not be the case for everyone. If you think it’s time for you to start looking for your own source of income, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s to save up for a car or to help finance your studies, bringing in the big bucks isn’t impossible for someone like you. Here’s 15 different ways to earn money as a student.

15 Ways to Earn Money as a Student

15 Creative Ways To Earn Money As A Student

1. Ask relatives if they need help with chores
The first group of people you should ask about money-generating opportunities is your family. Don’t be shy to ask them if they have any chores you could help out with in exchange for a bit of cash. If chores aren’t your thing and you know someone in the family who runs a business, inquire about any job opportunities they may have for you.

2. Ask around at your school
The next logical place to ask around in for any prospects is your own school. If you’re already in college, chances are there are plenty of student assistant posts that you could check out. You could also ask your professors if they need research assistants.

3. Look for easy, part-time jobs near you
Now, before you wander around town looking for “Hiring” signs, understand that it isn’t easy juggling being a full-time student with having a part-time job. For you to do that successfully, you have to master your time management and organizational skills. If you think you’re up for the challenge, then feel free to begin your search. Just be sure to let your potential employers know that your school will still be a priority. If you’re of age, you can look into driving jobs such as , rideshare services, delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery et. 

4. Secure a summer job
Summer’s there for fun and sun. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice that to earn a bit of dough, then try looking for a full-time summer job. Having a summer job is a great way to earn, since school’s out and you have more time on your hands to work. Here’s a tip: try scouting out summer jobs early so you can secure one even before the school year ends. Think of all the seasonal places that are open or hiring during summer: resorts, theme parks, pools, etc. 

5. Search for jobs online
It’s possible to have zero prospects after inquiring at home, at school, and even at your entire town. But don’t lose hope! You could also search for jobs online. There are many platforms like LinkedIn that would connect you with credible employers. Just be sure to steer clear of anything sketchy.

15 Creative Ways To Earn Money As A Student

6. Walk your neighbors’ dogs…
If the job ads online aren’t meeting your needs, consider going old school again by asking your neighbors if they need anything, like someone to walk their dogs. Now, this may be a bit awkward, but try to push through it and just make sure to ask politely. If they don’t need your services, they may know other people who do.

7…or babysit their children
Your neighbors could also be looking for someone to babysit their children. Again, feel free to offer your services if you feel like it’s something you could commit to. Have your parents vouch for you to help get the word out there.

8. Tutor the kids in your neighborhood
Speaking of children, the ones in your neighborhood may need a bit of guidance when it comes to their academics. If you’re the type who excels in school, then consider being a tutor to younger kids.

9. Apply for internships
Depending on your workload at school, you could also apply for a paid internship under a company you like. Now, internships are slightly different from part-time jobs because they serve primarily as learning or training experiences and they usually end after a given amount of time.

10. Sell your art
Do you have personal works of art just lying around your bedroom? Well, if sentimentality allows you, consider selling your art. Aside from traditional, digital art has also been gaining a lot of traction online, encouraging artists to open their commissions.

15 Creative Ways To Earn Money As A Student

11. Auction off old clothes (that are still in good condition)
With fast fashion becoming less popular among the youth, a lot of people have been turning to barters and thrift shops for their next IG-worthy ‘fit. If you think your closet could afford to lose a few good clothing pieces, then consider auctioning these off. You could do this through your own social media platforms, or even at school during breaks.

12. Put your baked goods up for sale
Another thing that has risen in popularity in recent years is supporting local businesses, and at the forefront of these are bake shops. Now, you don’t have to commit to running a full-time business, but whenever you have time to spare, you could whip up some baked goodies for sale. After all, everyone loves sweet snacks.

13. Offer your writing services
Not everyone has a knack for words, which is why some people hire people to write for them. If you think you have the chops for this, consider offering up your writing services. Everything can be monetized these days – even your skill for the written word.

14. Hold a garage sale
People have garage sales all the time, so why not jump in the bandwagon? Start by asking your family if they have anything around the house that they would like to get rid of. Once you’ve collected the goods, spread the word! More people would come if you advertise the event rather than just do it instantaneously in front of your house.

15. Sell your DIY collections
Whether it’s jewelry, ceramic mugs, or crocheted beanies, handmade items have a certain charm that customers can’t resist. Capitalize on that charm by selling the fruits of your hobbies. It’s a win-win – you’ll have fun and earn money.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to earn money as a student. Before you pursue any of these suggestions, though, remember that you can only guarantee success if you keep your goals in mind. Stay focused, stay motivated.


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