Trying to get more organized in middle school? Here are organization tips for parents and middle school students to be more productive.

Starting middle school can be daunting, especially if you don’t feel prepared. Not only will classes increase in number and difficulty, but it’s also a completely different environment than elementary school.

However, as long as you’re making the effort to be organized, you have a fighting chance to come out on top. To help you do that, here are 12 tips on how to be more organized in middle school for both students and parents.

Tips To Be More Organized In Middle School (For Students and Parents)

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Tips For Middle School Students To Be More Organized

1. Ask your parents to get you the right supplies

A surgeon doesn’t go into the operating room without scalpels. In the same way, you should arm yourself with the right supplies before you start middle school. Ask your teachers for help since they usually have a list of required school supplies for students.

2. Make sure there’s a place for everything

You’re going to have more classes than you’ve ever had, so make sure that you have a space for everything you need. For instance, try to have separate notebooks for each of your classes, so you don’t mix your notes up.

You could also have a clear book that would separate all of your handouts and homework depending on the class. This will keep you efficient and focused on studying.

3. Set up a routine that works for you

There will come a time when you’re incredibly stressed and it might be difficult to remember what to do next, which is why it’s good to have a daily routine that you could rely on. This guarantees that you would have enough time to do everything on your to-do list.

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4. Figure out an effective task management system

You’re going to have to keep track of multiple assignments, tasks, and deadlines, so you must figure out a system that works for you. For most people, keeping a planner is the way to go. Others prefer to keep daily, weekly, or even monthly calendar sheets. Try to see which one agrees with you.

5. Set daily goals

Your morning routine should include setting goals for the rest of the day. This way, you will remember if there’s anything you need to do and any deadlines you need to get ahead of.

6. Keep your locker (or backpack) clean and organized

If your school supplies and belongings are all over place, chances are, your mind would be, too. Try to keep your locker and your backpack organized, since messy environments can create a lot of unnecessary distractions. Organize your backpack for school with these tips.

Tips For Parents To Get Your Middle School Child Organized

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1. Know the supplies they need

Before you go to the store to shop for school supplies, it’s important to check in with your child’s teachers first to know what they really need. Now, this is where you might need to have a firm hand.

While it’s okay to buy aesthetically pleasing school supplies for your child to get them more interested in organizing, try to only purchase the necessities since it may be counterproductive to have too many things.

2. Look into technological tools

The internet and technology are there to help you lead a more convenient life. Why not use these to aid and accelerate your child’s learning?

To give you an example, there are multiple note-taking apps that can help organize your child’s notes. You could teach them how to transfer their handwritten notes that they made in class to such apps. You could talk to your child’s teachers about blended learning to learn more about this.

3. Help them create a planning system

It may be difficult for your child to be organized, so it may not be enough for you to just hand them a planner. Show them how to actually use it by sharing your own organizational and time management tips. If you think they need it, you could guide their planner use in the first few weeks of school, just to make sure they’re really getting it.

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4. Take note of important dates

Jotting down important school dates in your own planner does not mean that you don’t have any confidence in your child. This is just a good way to make sure that neither of you miss anything.

You don’t even have to tell them that you’re keeping track of the dates, as well. Think of yourself as a safety net in case they forget anything, so you could gently remind them.

5. Check on their school environments

A messy environment can be distracting to most learners. Aside from keeping their bedrooms in order, try to guarantee that your child is also organizing their school environments.

The first place to start with would be their backpacks. Teach them to organize all their school needs in their bags before they go to sleep. More than that, check on their lockers as well, if you can and if they have it.

6. Have a homework-support system

The sheer amount, not to mention the level of difficulty, of homework that middle schoolers get is no joke, and is definitely one of the reasons why your kid could be overwhelmed when they start middle school. So, make sure that you’re there to keep them on track by having a homework-support system.

Now, you don’t have to be entirely hands on, but for just when they’re starting out, you could go over the homework assigned to them daily and help you child plot when they should do them on their planner. You could also check on their progress as they’re actually doing it but try not to spoon feed any answers.

Middle school is a big adjustment for students and parents alike, especially since school is not the only aspect of life that is undergoing changes. For students, try to keep a positive attitude and be open to any challenges. Parents, on the other hand, would do well to be supportive without being imposing.


Tips To Be More Organized In Middle School (For Students and Parents), Organization advice for kids

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