Being a stay-at-home parent AND a student has its challenges. Here are some useful studying tips for stay-at-home moms (or dads) who are going to school.

When we think of the responsibilities of a stay-at-home mom, we can easily assume that her tasks are endless and that there is not enough time to accomplish everything in her to-do list in a day. While this is the case for some, there are still those who are successful in balancing their responsibilities alongside their efforts to achieve their goals in life.

Studying isn’t a walk in the park, more so if you do it while playing the role of mom. We understand the struggle, hence, we have prepared a couple of tips that you can incorporate in your life to maximize your time and be successful in studying and managing your home.

10 Useful Studying Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms Going To School

stay at home mom and student studying tips

1. Set Your Goal

Distraction, stress, and anxiety can get the best out of anyone. The most effective way to stay motivated is by knowing what you want to achieve. First things first, come up with a list of your goals and set a timeline. From here, create an action plan on how to do it. Use this as a constant reminder every time you get overwhelmed and frustrated.

2. Master the Art of Time Management

Before you can do anything on the side, you will have to actively make time for it. Everybody gets served with the same 24 hours in a day, so things can be done when they are efficiently planned and distributed well into your schedule. Time management is a skill that is improved from constant practice.

Do this by listing the tasks that you have to do in a day, prioritize them from the most important to those that can wait. Block your schedule to see how much time you can spare for your classes, extra studying, and rest. By allocating a time schedule for each task, you increase the chances of getting things done and eliminate the possibility of having piled up work and developing feelings of helplessness and having lack of control.

tips for stay at home mom and student

3. Stick to a Routine

Once you have lined out a schedule, stick to it and make sure to practice doing it every day. Through this method, you get to see what works and what doesn’t. You can make improvements as you go. This is also a good way to develop good habits and get rid of those that hinder your productivity.

4. Create a Space for Studying

Studying in a chaotic environment is difficult. So to maximize your studying time, create an environment that is conducive for studying. Pick a spot that is peaceful, quiet, comfortable, and less likely to be accessible to distractions. Set up your station and fill it up with your essentials for studying. Knowing that you have a workplace can instantly set your mind and focus into what you are going to do. Spice it up with plants, scent diffusers, and relaxing music to help keep you calm and increase your focus for studying even after having a long day.

5. Multi-Task

If you’re taking an online course, chances are you might be able to view a recorded class later. If you have this option, you can replay this class at another time to review the material and study it audibly. If it’s an in-person class, you can also use your smartphone to record the class. Listen to it while you’re doing the laundry or preparing to cook food. If you can put it on a mobile device, you can listen to while going on a walk with your kid. You can also jot down some notes while you’re listening to it again in order to prepare for an exam.

student and stay at home mom school tips

6. Invest on Visuals

Getting a big calendar where you can jot down your schedule and to-dos can help. Place this in an area where you can easily see it and be reminded even if you are busy. You can also get a planner that helps you plan ahead and keep track of your appointments, and important events that you should attend.

7. Be in the Now

Stop worrying about the future and possible hurdles that may get in your way. Take it one day at a time and choose to be in the now. Learn how to do things when you can instead of putting them off for another day. When you have projects, start them early and make sure to work on them when you can. Avoid putting it off and cramming before the deadline as this compromises the quality of your work and adds up to your stress levels.

8. Rest When Necessary

Sometimes, people have the tendency to push themselves to their limits. While this may seem like a good trait, it may become toxic if done too frequently. Rest is essential for proper functioning, so learn to listen to your body and recharge as necessary. Running on very low energy will compromise your immune system, affect your mood, and lead to burnout and exhaustion.

stay at home parent and going to school tips

 9. Maintain Proper Communication

It is good to let the people in your home, your social network, and your study groups know about your situation. In this way, they can easily adjust and help you with your needs. Teachers and classmates will also be more understanding and open to giving you advice as to how you can make it easier on your end. This also lessens misunderstandings and unnecessary distractions from your peers.

10. Get Rid of Unnecessary Distractions

Since you are working on a tight schedule, make sure to maximize the time you have for studying. Make sure that your study station is not filled with clutter and other things that may take your mind off of it. Turn off distractions like the television, mobile phones, radios, or tablets as these can eat up your time and ruin your focus. Turn off any social media notifications. If it’s important they will text or call you.

Being a stay at home mom is not a walk in the park, but let this not limit what you can do. If you want to study, go ahead and do so as this is possible if you put your mind into it. By incorporating those pointers into your daily life, you can create a better and healthier life for you and the people around you. Start them today and see the difference and improvements those tips can bring you.


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