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  • How To Study When You Don't Feel Like It

    18 Motivating Ways To Study When You Don’t Feel Like It

    Tying to study when you don’t feel like it? Gather your focus and get back on track with these tips to remain productive in your studies. Studying when you don’t feel like it can be challenging, but there are strategies you can use to overcome this lack of motivation and get productive. Here’s what you […] Read more…

  • Why You Get Bored Of Studying and how to fix it

    15 Reasons Why You’re Getting Bored From Studying

    Trying to figure why studying is “boring”? The next time you find yourself bored from your studies, consider these reasons why that’s happening. Studying is part of being a student. In case you don’t want to be a student forever, you’ll need to to get decent grades in order to pass and graduate. Unfortunately this […] Read more…

Taking Notes

  • note taking tips while watching video

    15 Best Note-Taking Strategies When Watching Videos

    When watching videos, you should still take notes as part of your studying plan. Here are some effective note-taking strategies for video instruction. In today’s digital age, video instruction has become a prominent method of learning. Whether you’re enrolled in online courses or simply looking to expand your knowledge, video lectures offer a convenient and […] Read more…

  • clues to know when to take notes In Class

    12 Signs You Should Be Taking Notes In Class

    Wondering when it’s time to start taking notes in class? Here are some hints to look out for so you can start note-taking on important concepts. Note-taking typically occurs during various situations to help students capture important information and aid in their learning process. Knowing when to take notes in class is crucial for effective […] Read more…


  • studying in the morning tips

    11 Tips On How To Be Productive Studying In The Morning

    Trying to study in the morning for your finals or tests? Here are tips on how to be productive studying in the morning. No matter what level or phase in life you are in, studying proves to be an important part of life. This is because the moment we stop learning, our growth stops with […] Read more…

  • 15 Good Habits Of Every Productive Student

    15 Good Habits Of Every Productive And Successful Student

    Searching for good habits for productive students? Here are some of the regular habits that most highly successful students have adopted. You’re here reading this article for a reason, and most likely it’s because you want to be more productive in school. Many students today struggle from the feeling that there’s never enough time for […] Read more…


  • how to focus when you're tired

    How To Focus When Tired: 6 Tips To Stay Productive When You’re Exhausted

    Trying to focus when you’re tired? Here are some tips to improve your focus and boost productivity when you’re exhausted. We can’t stress enough that getting enough sleep is incredibly important. Yet, even after knowing this, it can be hard to follow through. When something is bugging you, it’s easy to get distracted and lose […] Read more…

  • parents help kid focus on schoolwork

    6 Tips for Parents To Their Child Focused On Studies

    For parents, keeping their child focused on their studies might not come easy. Here are some tips to help keep your kid focus on their schoolwork. For parents, getting their children to focus on their studies is one of the most challenging parts of their life. We all know that education plays a huge influence […] Read more…